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TQ Antiques

Certified and Independent
Calgary, AB
T2E 1Y3

Have you ever wondered where that dish, plate, vase or picture
came from…..?  Have you ever wondered what it’s worth…..?  
There’s a lot of information out there.  Can you believe
everything you read…..?  What can you trust…..?  Give us a try!  
TQ Antiques has been giving independent appraisals to satisfied
clients for over 9 years since becoming a graduate of the
Asheford Institute of Antiques (A.I.A.).   We take great pride in
what we do.  The world of antiques is an encyclopedia of
historical and eclectically awe inspiring objects to enjoy and a
wealth of knowledge that keeps you looking for more.  To know
about them is to love them.   
Whether its furniture, glass, porcelain or art we’re here to help.  
We’ll provide you knowledge with what you have and provide an
independent and impartial fair market appraisal of your individual
treasures.   We’ll offer you our insight and leave the door open
for you to pursue.  Your interest is our interest.  
The area of antiques and collectibles is vast and can be complex
in nature.  No one can be an expert in every field out there.