All Watches are
mens Biagiotti 85
Vintage Birks Rideau
Interchangable Bezel and
Strap set in Original Case  (2
Bezels missing)
size 9
sterling bracelet/brooch and
earring set 265
vintage brooch 10
Wedgwood sterling black
brooch and earrings 75
flat of earrings 20 each
white gold filled size 9
vintage yellow clip
on earings 10
sterling (size 8) 45
Sterling round Myan
ring (size 7) 20
ruby size 7
(base metal) 35
Wedgwood earrings and
brooch 65
small Bracelet 10
small .925 sterling
Navaho Plaque 45
small bracelet 5
sterling Navajo earrings
small sterlingg
square stone 20
Wedgwood pin/pendant
sterling spiral
design ring (size7) 40
sterling and
enamel earrings 15
stud earrings 10
Wedgwood black earings
and brooch 95
heavy sterling earrings
Vintage turquoise
earings and necklace
set 125
earrings 45
vintage bracelet 10
Wedgwood sterling Brooch
vintage aurora borealis
bracelet/brooch and
earring set 145
solid sterling whale
pendant and chain 95
vintage 60s Titian silver
necklace and earring set
sterling 185
sterling Wedgwood egg
shaped pendant and
chain 125
vintage blue blue
necklace and earring set
vintage and very unique tooth
and fur broch and earring set
sterling and onyx
bracelet/necklace and
earring set 65
sterling and turquoise
beaded necklace 85
sterling and CZ ring 20
costume rings 5 each
fancy earrings 20
sterling black spinel (?)
and marcasite ( ring (size
9) 65
sterling grooved band
style ring (size 10) 65
vintage purple brooch
and earring set 45
costume wire style
bracelet 10
vintage very chunky
clipons 10
garnet necklace and
earring set 35
mid century gold tone and
denim drop style  earrings
vintage crystal necklace 25
sterling flower ring (size7)
goldtone Indian head ring
sterling cross (size 13 1/2)
50s/60s brooch and
earring set 30
costume fancy brooch and
earring set 10
costume red stone
brooch 10
nicely detailed
goldtone mens
ring (size 9) 20
brooch and
earring set
sterling/enamel and
crystal cuff bracelet 60
vintage faux opal and
necklace and earrings 35
vintage costume brooch
and earrig set 15
quality custom made
sterling and square Aurora
Borealis ring (size7) 165
(size 5) 165
sterling opal ring
unisex (size 7) 65
sterling garnet (size 6) 30
vintage costume black/gold
earrings and necklace 35
sterling ring (size 5) 20
sterling band
(size 8) 40
ladies opal size 6) 75
costume (size8) 10
sterling Greek Key
design bracelet 40
costume bracelet  10
sterling ring
(size 6) 20
sterling CZ heart
shaped (size 8) 40
sterling chunky (size 7 1/2)
Sterling brooch and
earring set 95
Sterling moon & stars 45
brooch earrings 10
ladies fire
9size 9) 95
citrine necklace
auder 95
Sterling star
sapphire (size 9) 125
ladies fashion
watch 45
Sterling (malachite) 65
sterling unisex Opal
(size 7) 65
faux topaz/smoky quartz
brooch (15
bracelet costume 20
Garnets necklace
round 65
2 hand crafted
bracelets 40 ea
sterling amethyst 20
sterling amethyst 20
sterling and agate stone
(size 7) 85
sterling Indonesian
themed bracelet 95
amethyst  ring
(size8) 40
sterling and amethyst
sterling Navaho
necklace with
ring (size 8) 285
faux amber with faux
peals necklace 10
ladies rhinestone belt
(32" long)
sterling and marcasite
(size 8) 65
ruby/emerald ring
(size10) 85
Cameo brooch 15
Blue stone brooch
large Wedgwood brooch 75
rose style earrings 10
rhinestone earrings 10
rhinestone brooch
and earring set 20
sterling necklace 265
ladies SEIKO
tie bar 15
Wedgwood clip ons 45
Tiffany & Co
Silver and
(17") 425
1950s Bulova L8
Ladies Watch with
second hand dial
17 jewels adjusted
10k rolled gold
plated bezel New
York/ Working.
Unique Multi
Marcasite annd
Sterling Pendant
Working c.1920 Goering Swiss
Made (15 Jewels) made in Canada
.925 Mystic
Dinner Ring
Vintage windup
Ladies Bulova
Vintage Ladies Blue
Enamel Caravelle (by
Boulova) Pocket Watch
with chain 45
sterling garnet and
marcasite  (size 6) 125
Huge ladies silver
necklace with turquoise
Sterling Brooch 25
c.1930 9 piece
Krementz Plate
Mother of pearl
Cuff links and
Collar buttons in
Orignal case 95
Vintage .925 Sterling
incased Compact
Marked Platmexisa85
Raw Lappis
stone 500
sterilng brooch / earrings 40
antique goldtone filigree wire
Pendant 50
925 round rectangle and
baguette ring 25
RoseGoldCopperPlated stone
ring 45
Vintage Rhinestone Scalloped
Necklace and drop earrings 9in
orignal mirror  95)
rhinestone brooch15
Vintage rosegold plated
Round and princess cut ring
set 45
Vintage Aurora
fashion ring 35
ladies sterling trinity CZ ring 40
mens large
watch 150
c.1930s Unique
Rhinestone Paste Crystal
and coral Bakelite Floral
leaf art deco design
clipmate pin 85
Vintage 10k yellow gold ribbed
shank Bezel set Matte Finish
Hematite Ring 175
Rose gold-plated copper toned
Filigree Setting Wedgwood
style Cameo pendent and chain
Vintage 3 piece round and
marquise cut pin and earrings 45
10 k size 7 white gold midnite
saffire mens ring 325
Detailed Beaded Floral .925 Onyx
Gilded Warrior Sectioned Bracelet
and matching Brooch pin vintage 150
very Unique 10k rose gold and cz
spinner ring 400
c.1930 10k whitegold art
deco filigree saffire bar pin
with c-catch closure 100
Vintage 1-20 12k Gold Filld
Sterling and Inlaid Gitano
Ladies Wrist Watch Working
c.1980 BIRKS gold filled Bracelet
with saftey chain - marked Birks
120 12kGF 175
size 7 10k diamond and onyx 275
very fine 14k white gold Filigree
and enamel Raf through adversity
to the stars Bar Pin ( sweetheart
Brooch) 170
.925 Sterling and Gemstone Dinner
ring (size 8) 70
Vintage WEISS Faux
Aquamarine and
diamonds and
emerald cut
diamonds 75
Vintage demi parure crystal
Rhinstone set pin austria Necklace
and earrings 60
Vintage Sterling +Marasite Bridge
theme pin marked 925 HBC40
Vintage Sherman Blue Aquamarine
Iridescent dome pin 85
Vintage Grosse ( Christian Dior)
Demi parure ensemble - brooch
clip ons and ring all stamped 200
Vintage SHERMAN Aurora Borealis
Tendril Style Pin/Brooch and
earrings - (pin marked Sherman)
earring not marked 125
Vintage gorgeous Miriam Haskell
Millefiori glass Teardrop and
Cylinder Necklace and Earring set
Vintage Faux Amethyst
Aurora Borealis Sherman
Clip ons 45
Vintage 40s50s
faux London Blue
Topaz Gold tone
wire/ Filigree
pin/pendent and
clip on earring set
Vintage Birks Sterling
Heart end bar pin 45
c.1940s Krementz 14k
Collar Stud 20
Vintage German
gold wire thread
pin and earring
set 30
Birks Srerling
Brooch 50
vintage Bond Boyd sterling
gold plated double leaf and
faux pearl brooch 40
vintage 10K split
shank Carnelian
marquise cut ladies
ring (size 8) 75
Very fine Emerald and
marquise cut ruby
Aurora borealis pin 30